Help Your Pet Love the Vet

Join Us for "Happy" Hour
Brought to You
by 30A Vet & What's Up Dog

Wednesday, August 31
5 - 7 pm
30A Vet
56 Spires Lane, Unit 14A • Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Veterinary medicine is not just about healing the body, it’s also about soothing the mind.  Cutting edge research, training, and psychologically advanced techniques have been developed to help us do just that during your pet’s veterinary visits.  If you’ve visited us in the last 9 months, you may (or may not) have noticed some subtle changes to the way we do things.  These changes have taken some time and LOTS of practice, but in the long run, they will save us time, save your pet from stress and anxiety, and save you from the guilt of having to “put your pet through all this” at the vet.

One thing that we’ve seen work again and again is “Non-demanding Time” at the the vet clinic in the presence of the doctors and staff.  White Coat Syndrome is real (and tends to apply not just to triggers like a white coat, but also to locations, odors, etc.), it truly affects our pets, and the stress and anxiety surrounding it have been proven to impact healing times.  We have consistently found that many of our patients who suffer a traumatic disease requiring repeated visits to the vet actually have LESS STRESS after a few visits than those who only come a couple of times a year.

Through the repeated use of very delicious treats, and just allowing your pet to explore the area without asking anything of them, soothing pheromone plug-ins, collars, and wipes, soothing all-natural calming treats, and in extreme cases, even advanced medications that “turn off” the anxiety center in the brain, our veterinarians and staff have made tremendous steps in preventing puppies and kittens from ever developing White Coat Syndrome, and have also been able to "retrain" this response to it in our older patients who already suffer from this affliction. This advancement in the care we provide you and your pet means so much to us, and we hope you will join us for this event.  It is our goal to teach everyone who has a pet or works with animals to skills to recognize, prevent and help animals with fearful situations.  

Join us at 30A Vet, with the help and support of What's Up Dog, for "Happy" Hour, bring your dogs, enjoy mimosas, wine and some tasty snacks, and allow your pet an experience of just dropping by for a taste of what "Happy Time at the Vet"  is all about!