30A Animal Wellness

In the fall of 2013, during a chaotic moment at our clinic, Melanie Barrett, in for a routine visit with one of her pets, offered to lend a hand.  Although, she only worked with us for a short time, she was inspired to begin a journey that is changing the lives of some of our local patients and their owners.

While spending time with us at 30A Vet, Melanie recognized a need for alternative treatments and therapies for animals.  She began her research, and soon enrolled in a 50-hour Canine Aqua Therapy class in Orlando.  Her quest for additional knowledge led her to a Certification in Animal Aromatherapy, as well as Pet CPR, First Aid and Healing Touch for Animals (a brand name for holistic “energy work), and most recently a training course with Cesar Millan.

In 2014, a dream was born.  Melanie founded 30A Animal Wellness, a warm and welcoming facility in her home with a 12’ by 28’ non-chlorine swimming pool filled to 4 ft., a bright, light-filled treatment room with a special treadmill for dogs, and soothing music and aromatherapy diffusers throughout the facility.  

30A Animal Wellness offers alternative methods of treatment for pets, as well as supplemental treatments to traditional veterinary medicine.  Many of our older, arthritic patients benefit immensely from hydrotherapy, as well as energy work.  Post-operative orthopedic patients, as well as any pet injured with a broken bone are also excellent candidates for Melanie’s work.  We have also witnessed pets suffering with emotional issues like aggression, a lack of confidence, or introversion issues improve greatly over time.

Although science may not substantiate concrete results realized from alternative treatments, we have seen, and are continuing to see very positive results from these treatments, and most importantly happier, healthier pets.  While I am a Doctor of Veterinary medicine, more importantly I’m an animal lover, and I firmly believe there is a need for alternative therapies and treatment for our pets.  A happy pet is a healthy pet! 

To contact Melanie Barrett at 30A Animal Wellness:

Email: melaniebarrett@mac.com

Phone: (850) 218-0476

Address: Woodland Drive

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, FL 32459