Where to begin?


The Dogs of 30A book created an opportunity to meet many wonderful people and dogs (and actually several cats!) on 30A.  I now have many dear friends from that experience, and I’m ready to share some exciting news!  If you know me, you know I’m always up to something, and this time it’s something really, really BIG!

I loved doing photo shoots down here a few years ago, and I loved meeting new people with their dogs on the beach.  But what has been tough these last few years was getting to know people on 30A, and then telling them that I didn’t practice veterinary medicine in Florida when they expressed interest in becoming a client.

Last year I obtained my Florida license.  Basically you have to be licensed in every state in which you wish to practice medicine, veterinary or otherwise.  I’ve been licensed in Georgia all these years, but finally decided to get my Florida license too.  We were spending about a third of the year down here, so I started offering house calls to friends in both Georgia and Florida.  To say the least, I have not been bored!

Fast forward to January of this year.  On January 2nd, I decided I couldn’t take one more day of this back-and-forth lifestyle!  I decided I was coming home….home to 30A.  

For the last 35 days or so, it’s been non-stop craziness!  I sold my old house, started applying for business loans, alerted my family, and started planning the move.  In the meantime, I’ve created a business plan and an Excel spreadsheet forecast so complicated it makes my head spin (gotta give my partner, Rob “Kingfish” Wood, all the credit for that fancy spreadsheet), and talked to so many banks that I’m practically hoarse!  Now I’m hours into website design with my favorite graphic designer in the universe (Keri Atchley, Design 360), and this project is happening one way or another (please send good vibes out to all the banks I’m currently talking to!).  Stay tuned for frequent updates and to find out all the details…I promise to tell them to you just as soon as I know!